Health Care

Healthcare industry is constantly facing price pressure from patients and insurance companies while continuing to provide quality service. Business Technovators helps hospitals, insurance companies and physician offices. Business Technovators helps healthcare institutions take advantage of consumer driven healthcare through the design and implementation of business-driven technology solutions. We help streamline core business processes such as eligibility, referrals and claims, and improve communications/interactions with patients/members, physicians, administrators, and partners.

Financial Services and banking

The financial services industry is challenged with constant pressures to improve efficiencies around functions like transaction processing and records management, while ensuring compliance with regulatory mandates and protecting client confidentiality with rock-solid security measures. Business Technovators helps the country's leading financial services firms address these complexities. Business Technovators can provide solutions to support the unique needs of banks and financial institutions, including:

Regulatory Compliance
Business Intelligence solutions
Electronic trading platforms
Packaged futures and options clearing system

Public Sector/Government

Organizations in the public sector face pressure to deliver enhanced services to an increasingly demanding public using minimal resources. And because they are ultimately accountable to taxpayers, these organizations must strive to achieve both cost reduction and increased revenue generation by stepping up efficiency and creativity. Business Technovators experts possess both the functional knowledge and the technical expertise required to meet the unique needs of the public sector. We understand the core processes, goals and challenges facing our clients and provide solutions that, among many other things:

Provide automated and integrated processes to reduce manual work and human errors
Decrease costs and improve resource productivity
Provide business intelligence solutions for better decision making and highlighting areas of improvement


Insurance carriers are looking for ways to streamline legacy business processes such as enrollments, underwriting, claims and customer service while building loyalty with customers and agents, and generating cross-selling opportunities. Technology offers insurance companies an unprecedented opportunity to integrate and extend processes to customers and agents, while reducing costs and increasing loyalty. Business Technovators provides insurance solutions in the following areas and others:

Increased efficiency, allowing for better and faster decisions.
Decreased cost of operations
Provide automated processes and best practices for the insurance industry

Sustainable Energy

In renewable and sustainable energy industry, organizations need cutting edge technology Solutions. To assist clients Business Technovators provides a wide array of services that address the need of renewable and sustainable energy for on grid and off grid systems. Some of the services offered are: Device integration to best utilize peak and off-peak energy utilization. Leverage device intelligence for effective turn on and turn off of devices for demand based utilization Application integration to best utilize existing services and technologies

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