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With the huge developments seen in the application development field in recent times, our consultants are on the front line when it comes to their extensive knowledge of new platform choices, new architectures, and the new security threats that are constantly arising. They are all highly skilled in collaboration, integration, and compliance issues, enabling them to provide resolutions even the most challenging of our clients’ needs. Under application development we provide various services, including:


As e-commerce becomes increasingly common in today’s marketplace, numerous companies have emerged claiming to provide quick-fix solutions to your business needs, when often the level of expertise on offer is very basic.
Here at Business Technovators, you will benefit from our specialist knowledge and proven track record in the application of e-commerce solutions. We make sure that the business processes of our clients are incorporated into the design of the e-commerce function, and possess advanced knowledge on the very latest technologies to ensure that you receive a personalized and professional service.

Business Integration

Rapidly changing business needs demand organizations to build highly flexible and adaptable systems which seamlessly integrate with each other for seamless operations. Business Technovators specializes in Enterprise Application Integration and SOA to enable seamless business integration.


Keeping track of enterprise resources and making effective use of them needs specialized expertise in enterprise resource planning applications. We specialize in ERP implementations in SAP and Oracle.


Every organization needs to focus on its customer base in order to succeed. Customers are the key to success for all organizations. We have expertise in providing CRM solutions in and Oracle applications.


Business Technovators has expert staff to build service oriented architecture for your company. Service Oriented Architecture allows a company to build and reuse services across the board resulting in faster time to market and increased productivity.


Business Process Management (BPM) enables business to streamline and integrate their business processes for improved productivity, lower cost of operations and improved quality. BPM can automate key components, allowing automated rules and processes to handle common process flows, reducing manual work and increasing automation. Increased automation results in better management of work loads during unusual spikes and does not affect the quality either during extremely high work loads.
BPM enables organizations to capture metrics on their processes, analyze and then make improvements upon them for improved performance. We at Business Technovators can work with your organization to setup your business management processes and measurement capabilities.

Business Intelligence

In today's competitive landscape, successful companies rely on accurate, timely and integrated information. Forward-thinking companies classify, aggregate, and correlate data into meaningful business information to stay ahead of competition. By delivering relevant, focused and timely information, business intelligence helps companies make more informed business decisions. Perficient builds business intelligence solutions that allow our clients to transform data into knowledge for quick and effective decision making.
Perficient can help you create a 'real-time' enterprise by designing, developing, implementing and integrating a secure and scalable business intelligence solution that includes:

E-business Solution

Businesses need to automate their business processes and integrate their back office systems into a seamless user interface to customers. The E-business Solution ution enables businesses to provide to their customer base an online system that is a complete self-service solution for the clients. Business Technovators deep understanding of e-business and e-commerce solution allows us to build a very effective self-service e-business website for our customers. sell products and services, not to hassle with eCommerce software maintenance.

Product Development”

Product development is turning into an increasingly complex activity with factors such as continuous upgrades, regional regulations, multiple versions, & multi-lingual support etc, each posing their unique challenges. Committed to driving continuous innovation, Business Technovators brings distinct value with its end-to-end product development lifecycle solutions. We are a premier product development company to lower the cost of developing products.. .

Software Process Engineering (SPE)

Software Process Improvement

BT will guide our clients through CMMI® Software Process Improvement Projects. Our consulting services, in the CMMI SEI Process, are customized to your specific needs and our proven experience supports fast-tracking to achieve the CMMI level two through five you need for your business to succeed.

CMMI Services

BT provides various services in CMMI Software Process Improvement to include but not limited to the following:
  • • Orientation and Awareness Training
  • • Action Planning
  • • Gap Analysis Assessment
  • • Key Process Area Consulting Support
  • • Process Performance Modeling
  • • Mock Appraisals
We also offer CMMI Templates, Guidelines, Procedures, Flowcharts and tools.

Software Sizing Consulting

Software sizing is an essential piece of managing and controlling project delivery. It is very important to have a reliable, repeatable and accurate sizing methodology in place to assist with project budgets, resource utilization, estimation, and managing requirements definition and scope. Equally important is the sizing methodology that you employ to ensure that the measurement process provides a sound basis for making informed decisions.

BT can assist organizations with the implementation and institutionalization of software size methods. Our staff has a wealth of expert knowledge using Function Point Analysis. Function Point Analysis is an industry standard software sizing methodologies.

BT offers a host of software sizing services including the following:
  • • Function Point Count Training & Mentoring
  • • Software Estimation Training & Support
  • • Software Metrics Training & Support
  • • Rapid Counting
  • • FP Count Approximation
  • • FP Count Audits
  • • FP Baseline counting for Portfolio Management (Maintenance, growth Rate)

Software Measurement Consulting

IT organizations want deliver systems better, faster, cheaper. BT can successfully provide our clients with the expertise to meet organization objects with process improvement activities. No matter which type of development shop, (new development, enhancement, maintenance, outsourced or blended) will help your organization leverage IT processes more effectively and efficiently by using the right metrics, with the right tools and techniques.

Our consulting services are customized to our clients’ specific needs.

BT Software Measurement Services include but not limited to the following:
  • • Measurement & Analysis program
  • • Measurement Assessment
  • • Software Estimation Evaluation & Recommendations
  • • Benchmarking Assessment for Performance

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